Centre lathe Luna ML 1230

  • Centre lathe Luna ML 1230
  • Luna
    Gamintojas: Luna
  • Prekės kodas: 211490206
  • Kilmės šalis: EU
  • Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
  • 7,734.84€

  • Be PVM: 6,392.43€
A versatile, modern and easy to work centre lathe, suitable for repair, maintenance and training purposes. The machine is designed with a hardened and ground bed, bench model with floor stand, variable spindle speed, motorised feed of X and Y movement and different types of threading. Supplied with chuck guard with microswitch, rear splash guard, 3-jaw chuck Ø 160 mm fitted, 4-jaw chuck and face plate Ø 250 mm, chuck collet, fixed centres, square mount, fixed and travelling tailstock, variable speed gear and tool set.


Headstock taper 5.0
Headstock taper unit MT
Manufacturer´s description ML 1230
Nominali srovė 7.5 a
Saugos klasė IP 44
Skersinio šliaužiklio eiga 155.0 mm
Spindle movement in tailstock 80.0
Spindle movement in tailstock unit mm
Spindle nose Camlock D4
Spindle taper 5
Spindle taper unit MT
Tailstock taper 3.0
Tailstock taper unit MT
Tekinimo skersmuo virš rėmo 305.0 mm
Tekinimo skersmuo virš skersinio šliaužiklio 85.0 mm
Tekinimo stovo plotis 155.0 mm
Viršutinio šliaužiklio eiga 80.0 mm
Weight 215.0
Weight unit kg

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